Guiding Values

We rely on the following guiding values in working with families at all levels in all of our program areas.

1. Family First:

  • Families thrive when we keep them at the center of our work.
  • Families are respected and are active participants in service planning and decision making.
  • Our ultimate goal is self-sufficient families that function successfully.

2. Personalized Approach

  • Each family‚Äôs strengths and needs form the foundation for their unique service plan.
  • Respect for the cultural, racial and ethnic differences of the families we serve is critical to our shared success.

3. Results Oriented:

  • Ongoing evaluation of outcomes ensures effectiveness.
  • Effective coordination of services for our families includes the following:
    • ensuring delivery of high quality services;
    • reducing and eliminating duplicative efforts among agencies and barriers to collaboration;
    • integrating community and family supports; and
    • fully utilizing funding resources.