Family and Civic Engagement

Family and Civic Engagement (FCE) initiatives bring schools, families and communities together to address students’ non-academic barriers to school success. Franklin County FCFC, ESCCO, Franklin County Educational Council, Ohio Children’s Foundation and the city school districts of Bexley, South-Western and Whitehall formed a team in 2010 to explore how we could best support FCE work in our county.  In an attempt to build an infrastructure to support community interaction with schools, we built the FCE Coordinator Network.

The FCE Coordinator Network:

  • Meets regularly throughout the school year to learn about available community resources in Franklin County, to exchange ideas and best practices for family and community outreach and to work through common problems and challenges.
  • Discusses and forms action plans around such topics as mental health resources, student mobility issues, formal parent engagement programs, nutrition and wellness.
  • Offers the framework for schools to work with county social service systems to identify areas of need and work collaboratively to meet those needs.
  • Allows for the formation of subcommittees and work groups to respond quickly to emerging opportunities for funding, communication with community and business sectors and other special situations.

For more information, or to become part of the FCE Coordinator Network, please contact the FCFC office