Helping Families Coordinate Services

Most of our local resources are dedicated to providing service coordination. This is a team approach to helping families and children in need of multiple services. We connect agencies, people and services to work together to develop a coordinated service plan with families for their child.  The team approach helps organize services, helps them be more efficient and addresses the specific needs of each family.  We also use locally contributed funds to purchase other community services when needed.

We work with the individual agencies serving a family to make certain that:

  • All agencies involved with a family participate in planning
  • The family participates actively in the development and implementation of the plan
  • The family’s voice is heard at all service planning meetings
  • Agencies respect the family’s privacy and operate with cultural sensitivity
  • The family’s needs have been met through follow up

Our service coordination activities include:

  • Scheduling meetings and identifying team participants
  • Collecting and sharing information to help in decision making
  • Coordinating evaluations and assessments
  • Facilitating the development, review and evaluation of each family’s service plan
  • Assisting families in identifying service providers and other support
  • Coordinating the delivery of all necessary services
  • Providing information about advocacy services to the family

HOME Choice

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services initiated a new time limited demonstration program in October 2008 called HOME Choice. The HOME Choice program is available to individuals of any age, and transitions qualifying individuals currently residing in nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for mental retardation/developmental disabilities (ICF-MR), residential treatment facilities (RTF) and hospitals to a community setting. The goal of the program is to help participants successfully transition and maintain in a community setting.  Eligible HOME Choice consumers may receive community transition services which could include goods and services to support the transition; respite services; independent living skills training; a community support coach; nursing; social work or counseling; nutritional consultation; communication aids; and service animals.

Transition coordination is a unique aspect of this program. The Franklin County Family & Children First Council (FCFC) has been approved to provide transition coordination services to youth placed in residential facilities. As transition coordinators we will help with bringing a team (caregivers/ systems/providers) together to develop a coordinated transition plan that identifies and secures the necessary services and supports for the consumer to return and maintain in the community.

Consumers must meet specific eligibility requirements to participate in the HOME Choice program.  Eligibility requirements and additional information can be obtained by contacting FCFC.
You can also contact HOME Choice directly: 1-888-221-1560 or through their website.